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Here comes the change… Oh wait… Nevermind

Like most people outside of the US, I too was rallying behind Barack Obama during the elections. It wasn’t because I believed his promises of “change” (whatever that meant), but because Senator John McCain seemed to be pushing a similar agenda as that of George W. Bush, and practically held the same ideology as the former president. But Obama, during his many speeches, did promise hope and change to the American people. Well, hope has always been there, but it’s this promise of change that seems to be a problem. Every presidential candidate promises change. I don’t know who or why anyone would promise to maintain the status quo while running for elections. It’s another issue that no president has been able to successfully live up that promise, and in that regards, President Obama is not much different from his predecessors.  Seems the only promise he has kept so far is the one he made during his election night address.

Sasha and Malia, I love you both more than you can imagine,You have earned the puppy that is coming with us.

And lo and behold… Enter the Portuguese water dog, Bo. A promise kept indeed!

I realize it may still be too early to be passing judgments but I can’t help myself.

A few Guantanamo prisoners say things have been worse under Obama in terms of their treatment than they had been under Bush. The Guantanamo torture cells are still up and running, the Iraq war rages on, and in fact there have been numerous drone attacks in Pakistan as well since Obama came to office, continuing the controversial tactic Bush had been using, killing more than 400 people so far. Not to mention the 1.5 percent increase in the defense budget for 2010.There are more troops in Afghanistan now, re-enforcing the belief that war IS the only answer. The notion is… Sending in more troops to kill Afghans is in fact what the Afghan people want, as paradoxical as that sounds.

Yes! We’re still on the edge of our seats waiting for this “change” that was promised. Most leaders of the world that welcomed Obama with open arms have been taken aback and are left scratching their heads wondering if it will be another 4 years of Bush policies. I, for one, am optimistic, but not blind to the realities.

But the dog… That’s a promise the American people really wanted Obama to uphold, and so he did! Let’s be honest here… Who doesn’t like puppies?


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Capitalism or Socialism… Hmm…

Speaking of consensus, according to a recent poll by The Rasmussen, just over half of Americans prefer Capitalism over Socialism as an economic system. This is pretty interesting. It seems that Americans are starting to lose faith in the capitalist order, and maybe closest now than ever in recent times to make a slight shift to the left.

53 percent of Americans say capitalism is better. 20 percent said they believe that socialism is the better system. I wonder what the sample size for this survey was, and the margin of error.

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We have a reputation to maintain

When I’m traveling outside of my country and I speak to people, they quickly hear the accent and ask “Are you Toronto, CanadaAmerican?” and I quickly respond “No I’m from Canada“. The reaction is almost always warm and welcoming then. “Great country” or “Oh I love Canada” are common responses. They quickly recognize the fact that Canada is one of the “good” countries. A country that opposes war, believes in peace-keeping, sending aid, and is a fair arbiter of justice.

We’ve built this reputation over the years. With open arms we took in thousands of Americans that opposed the Vietnam war due to conscientious reasons in the 60’s and 70’s that wanted no part in it. We have all the civil liberties and rights that Americans have (plus perhaps more) without the massive military arsenal.

We’d rather our government spend our tax dollars on universal healthcare than on building up our national muscle. We tend to (for the most part) mind our own business and take a moral and neutral stance on issues, and strongly believe in keeping peace rather than waging wars. That is Canada’s history and that’s the reputation we’ve built for ourselves. Peace-keeping has become Canada’s symbol. A neutral nation in a world of chaos. So it’s really no surprise to me when I’m greeted warmly by a foreigner when I tell him I’m Canadian.

I must confess, I do say it with a sense of pride and think to myself “Ok, now praise my country”, and that’s what usually follows… Praise.

However, I can’t help but feel that this great reputation that we have built for ourselves is in jeopardy. The current government of Canada has started building quite a notorious name for itself.

There are various reasons why this great country’s reputation can and is being tarnished under this administration in the international arena. I’m just going to mention a few recent ones that should still be fresh in our minds.

In doing so, my aim is make the general Canadian public realize what we were and what we are today, and where we’re headed.  This is not the Canadian Identity.

Recent actions (or inaction) from the minority conservative government that should make us sit up and re-think…

(1) Refusal to take part in the recent UN conference on Racism in Geneva.

(2) Banning British MP George Galloway from speaking and entering Canada. An outright attack on our civil liberties. Even the US allows Galloway to travel and speak freely within, and in the UK Mr. Galloway serves as an MP.

(3) Refusal to let the Iraq war resisters stay in Canada. US troops that were opposed to Iraq war due to conscientious reasons fled up here to escape a jail sentence in the US, and Mr. Harper is having them deported back to the US where they face not only persecution but a jail sentence along with a criminal record. This runs completely contrary to how we had acted in the 60’s and 70’s when we let the Vietnam war resisters stay. The Canadian House of Commons passed a motion recently, urging the minority conservative government of Stephen Harper to immediately cease these deportations and to allow these war resisters to stay. 64% of Canadians want the war resisters to be allowed to stay. These deportations are undemocratic. Take Action…

(4) Refusal to seek extradition or repatriation of Canadian Omar Khadr, who has been held in Guantanamo for the past 6 years. Despite Amnesty International, UNICEF, and many other renowned organizations’ pleas for repatriation, the Harper government has maintained its stance and been completely passive on the issue. Earlier this month, the Federal Court of Canada has ruled that it is obligatory for the government to immediately demand Khadr’s return under Internation Law.

(5) Refusal to condemn Israel’s military attack on Gaza. Canada was the only nation, out of 47 on the United Nations human rights panel that refused to condemn Israel’s assault on Gaza earlier this year which resulted 1,400 deaths and even more injuries. Canada opposed the motion which called for both sides to show restraint and that investigation into human rights violations by Israeli forces be followed. Canada has mostly sided with Israel and the US on the Israel/Palestine conflict, but this support has become even more pronounced under the Harper government.

Seeing as how Canada in the past has acted to protect civilians in conflict zones, it is quite shocking that we refused to call for an immediate ceasefire this time around when 900 people (at that time) had been killed and the battle was still waging on.

I think that’s all for now… This list is by no means exhaustive.

But my point was that this current government is beginning to push Canada to act more like a bully than the peace-loving, fair-minded, neutral country that we have been and ought to be.

It is time for Canada to step out of this imperialist shadow and once again lead the world and regain our title as the peace-keepers! If not for us, then at least have sympathy for the poor American that’s living or traveling abroad and tells people he is Canadian in order to avoid persecution when confronted about his nationality. Are we going to take that away from him too?

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