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Out of the Rubble and Ashes in Sri Lanka

So came to an end a 26 year old war between the rebel group LTTE (Tamil Tigers) and the Sri Lankan army, or so the Sri Lankan government would like to suggest. It does seem that way, but wounds such as these do not heal so abruptly. The horror that was unfolded on the minority Tamil population by the government is something the people will not be able to forget so easily. One can only wonder when the next uprising would take place, and if history is any guide, it almost certainly will.

This latest insurgency against the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) has resulted in thousands of deaths. But if you ask the Sri Lankan government, or the general Sinhalese population of the country, they will say that it was all worth it. Truly, a moment to rejoice and a time for celebration for the majority Sinhalese population.

However, it’s disturbing to rejoice over the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent civilians. To be jubilant over the destruction of villages, towns, homes, and lives is a testament to the deep-rooted hatred that exists between the two groups. The rebel leader of the LTTE,Velupillai Prabhakaran, was killed by the military as the city celebrated the news. But now what?

Just like the phoenix; out of the rubble and the ashes of this war, the rise of another rebel movement seems imminent. I don’t think it’s hard to foresee such a scenario. A rebel movement which will, in all likelihood, comprise of the family members of the victims that were slaughtered in this latest offensive that the government had unleashed on them. There is no doubt in my mind that the survivors of this offensive would never be able to forget the horrors that they witnessed. A time for celebration for the Sinhalese population, perhaps, but a time of mourning for the Tamil mironity in Sri Lanka.

A population can only be brutally suppressed for some time. And when this suppression is successful, it is only temporary, as a new uprising will always emerge from the ashes of the previous destruction.


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