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War Resisters


American soldiers that refused to take part in the Iraq war due to conscientious reasons have fled up north. These are the ‘War Resisters’. This is a similar situation to that of the 60’s and 70’s when tens of thousands of American citizens fled up here in order to avoid taking part in the Vietnam war. Our government let them stay here, and in a way that acted against the brain drain that we were facing, as a big portion of these people integrated into our system and became productive members of Canadian society.

The ‘War Resisters’ of today are facing a tough challenge. They have tried taking refuge here but Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been getting them deported back to the United States where they face a jail sentence and get a criminal record. I have attended this rally, which was held in downtown Toronto, to show my support for these war resisters. About 500 people showed up to the rally in order to urge the Canadian government to let these soldiers stay.

According to a poll conducted back in 2007, close to 70% of the Canadian population said these soldiers should be allowed to stay here. 51% of Conservative voters said the same.

Last June, the Canadian Parliament passed a motion calling on the government to immediately cease the deportations and to allow these war resisters to stay in Canada as permanent residents, but the current incumbents in Ottawa have refused to follow the demands. Prime Minister Harper is still going along with the deportations because our powerful neighbours have demanded so.

As a signatory to the Geneva Conventions, Canada has an obligation to protect these soldiers, since they’re rejecting it based on conscientious reasons. They are simply refusing to take part in an illegal war of aggression. A war that was not approved by the United Nations.

During the Nuremberg Trials, it was established that a soldier has a moral duty to disobey orders that are illegal and cruel. Thus, by deporting these soldiers, our government is not only going against the wishes of the Canadian public, but also violating International Humanitarian Law.


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